what really scares me is that i’m average i’m not really good at anything or really beautiful i’m going to live an average life with an average job an average income and die an average death with an average funeral and nobody is going to remember me

Van Gogh thought that too

That is really, really inspiring, actually.

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Walter Hunt (1861-1941) - A Collie with Terrier pups.

The most enigmatic and intriguing title is for 4×5. “Breaking Glass” could refer to Sidney Glass (returning Giancarlo Esposito), magic mirrors, and many other things. But I can’t help but think of the original Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale “The Snow Queen.” In said story, a goblin creates a mirror that makes everything that is beautiful appear ugly. When the mirror breaks, it shatters into millions of pieces, some as small as grains of sand. If they land in your eyes, you can no longer see any beauty or the good side of things. If they land in your heart, it becomes frozen. Unlike the film, this frozen heart does not kill you, but rather your heart freezes in a more metaphoric way, making you cold and unfeeling. Given the show’s penchant for plot points involving hearts and the fact that the film’s “Only an act of True Love can thaw a frozen heart” is such a significant part of the story, I cannot help but hope to see something similar to this on Once. As they are my favorite characters, my first thoughts went to Emma and Hook and Snow and Charming. If you recall, Snow and Charming now share one heart and there must be repercussions for that. Moreover, I truly believe it must be significant that Hook is the ONLY current main character to have never been cursed with false or missing memories. It would be a dramatic turn of events if Hook’s heart was frozen, he became cold, and he forgot his love for Emma. Firstly, this would parallel what happened to Snow White in the Season 1 episode “Heart of Darkness.” But it would also be emotional and beautiful to see Emma fight for his heart as he has done for her for so long.

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71% of 16-17 year olds voted YES


What an amazing statistic, I feel there could be another independence referendum with so many YES voting youths. So proud 💙

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Have Lennon sign your blog.

They’re transparent. 


John Taylor of Duran Duran, 1981


when people scroll down my blog and see this lmao

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I know there are still a few of you nervous and disheartened by the whole Character Summaries issue that popped up this week, especially the inclusion of the “implied feelings” line AND I am also aware that the “others” are using it to once again proclaim CANON!
Aside from the fact…

Then why are you guys explaining these Bio’s statements so much? I don’t think Bethyl is canon because of that, but I hope it will someday. And if this never happen, oh, well, what can I do? It’s gonna be sad but I’ll still watching the show.


John Lennon and George Harrison at the launch party for the Apple boutique, 5 December 1967

"Present among the many guests were Cilla Black, Pattie Boyd and two Beatles: John, in a white jacket, black polo-neck and trousers, and George, resplendent in a green striped suit (collar cut very particularly) and a green neckerchief to finish the effect off. Very Dandy." - Fab Gear: The Beatles and Fashion

A British Pathe news report - with footage of the launch party, George, John, Pattie and more - can be viewed here.

There’s Cynthia too.

If the Beatles were in class together:


John: throws paper airplanes at girls to get their attention

Paul: studies hard to be the teacher’s favourite

George: hides snacks in his pencil case

Ringo: falls off his chair for no reason


John Lennon by David Bailey


Good Morning! with George and John !

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